"When I heard this song, at the time I was feeling low, insecure, and unimportant.

As the song continued I started to have a Happy, Positive, and Uplifting Feeling.

I felt like all of my problems melted away.

When someone feels alone, they really do!

They feel like no one will understand, no one will listen, are the thoughts people receive.
This song reminds people, such as myself that we are not alone!

We are all facing the same issues/problems, some worse than others but there is a small voice that fuels our fire and keeps us going to Strive. . For Success."

                                                                                                          ~~~ Breanna Burrows ~~~

"Just beautiful. A soothing, uplifting melody like a bird taking flight.
Inspirational lyrics that will encourage and renew your resolve to not give up."

                                                                                                                     ~~~Alisa Nader~~~

"Very Moving. Exceptional lyrics with a hauntingly sweet melody. I could listen to this song several times a day and not tire of hearing it."

                                                                                                                           ~~~Sue Fox~~~

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Some think that they should use more testimonials on here, as for me I would like for you, my readers, and those who listen to my song to be able to form your own opinion without having the input from people you do not know.

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I would like to ask you to leave me a private message on how you felt after reading my poetry, and or listening to my song.

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