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I started writing in my teens, but like a lot of writers.....it was years later before I did anything with it.

In 2006, I entered a poetry contest and with about 2500 contestants never thought for a moment that it would come to anything.

Much to my surprise the evening of the award ceremony while sitting with new friends, my name was called. I had won 6th place.
This renewed my interest in something I had found very enjoyable.

I am a single mom with two adult sons, both of which have spent their years since high school in the United States Air Force. I have a daughter-in-law, and one grandchild.

I retired the summer of "02", and now spend my time doing things I enjoy. One of the things I love to do is to take long walks at the beach, which is also one of the places I do a lot of my writing.


Until then, one poem that means a great deal to me has been put to music and is available at this time. 

"Does Anyone Hear You When You Are Quiet?"

I have been working on the next single, and hope for it to be available before Christmas 2014.

Also available at this time are . . . .
                                 Coffee Mugs
                                 Key Chains
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COMING SOON: Tee Shirts - Sizes Small - 5X​ and Water Bottles

                                         Look for additional items to be added at a later date.

My book of poetry "Summers Sonnet’s and Verses" is available on Amazon  CLICK 
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