This is the new single from Theresa Ballard.

It is an emotional, though provoking, inspiring song. One that talks about how all of us feel at some time.

                       "Does Anyone Hear You When You Are Quiet?"

I believe you will feel the emotion from these words deep in your soul.
Maybe you will be listening to the words and start nodding your head saying, "Yes, I've felt this way!"

It has been a very full and busy year, one that has kept me from doing as much with my writing as I would have liked to.
I have plans for the remainder of 2016 to change this.
I have been working on not just one, but two new songs. I spoke today with my wonderful vocalist and discussed what I have in mind for the upcoming numbers. 
I hope and pray that you will be as pleased with my selections as I am and that you will get as much from listening to them as I know I will.

With the summer holiday not too far away, and vacations and mission trips planned, my schedule as well as Ron's, it might be hard to get them both done before summer arrive. If so then they will not be available until towards the end of the year.
But I promise they will be worth the wait! 
God Bless.

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Just $10.
 "Theresa felt that in putting some of her work to music she could reach not only those who read poetry, but those who would hear her words as well."
Please take a moment to listen to a snippet of this powerful song. . . . .
You may also want to check back regularly for updates on her next single, which will also be one of great depth and inspiration.
You may only hear these words briefly, 
but feel them long afterwards!
For someone who is very seldom ever at a loss for words, I am when it comes to expressing my overwhelming gratitude
to those people who without their help this song would never have become a reality.

                                                            ~ Theresa